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CHS Senior Cheer 'Pepped' for Final Year

Abigail Church and Juliana Maddox

The 2022 Football Season does not mean work for just those on the field, but also for those on the sideline. The Columbus High School Sideline Cheer Team has new looks and tricks for this year's season. The 30-girl team is led by 8 seniors who have made a big impact on the team.

Being on a team, like cheer, takes a lot of time and dedication, but it allows the girls to form close bonds. The girls had a cheer camp during the summer from June 20th through the 24th from 8 am to 1 pm. During the school year, they practice for 4 hours each week.

The cheer team has increased the intensity of cheers as they are now incorporating stunts for the first time ever.

Cheerleaders are expected to be productive community members, role models, energetic, and school spirited, and the senior girls are the perfect example of that.

As graduation looms on the horizon for the class of 2023, many senior cheerleaders are experiencing a mix of emotions like sadness, excitement, and uneasiness.

What is your most memorable moment from the 2022 season so far?

"It would definitely have to be the first scrimmage game we had. We didn’t even get to end up cheering for this game because of the rain, so we were stuck on the bus for over an hour. It still ended up being one of the most fun bonding times with the team! Sharing laughs and memories are something I’ll never forget."

How do you feel about your senior season so far?

"I love this season! It's bittersweet knowing it's our last year, and most of us have been together since freshman year, so it's sad to know we won't be doing this next year. The team this year has a really good bond, and we're all really close, which has made for a great team this season. Every girl on the team encourages each other and pushes each other to be the best cheerleader they can be. It's really awesome to see the girls building each other up and truly being a team."

What is your most memorable moment from the 2022 season so far?

"The most memorable part of the season so far would definitely be cheering in the rain at the Jordan game. We got to spend lots of quality time together as a team in the locker room telling silly stories. The student section was still very active which made cheering in the rain so memorable and my favorite part of the season so far."

How is your senior season different in comparison to years prior?

"This year there has been much more responsibility because we are seniors. However, we have a lot of freedom to choose how the team is run, so it’s a good balance of pros and cons."

How do you feel about your senior season so far?

"I have loved this season so far!! Everyone has made me feel so welcome, and it has been amazing getting to know everyone."

How do you feel about the 2022 season so far?

"This season is the best season yet! The team gets along so well, and we've had so much fun."

How do you feel about your senior season?

"This season has been amazing so far! We have the best group of girls, and as a senior, I have really enjoyed getting to lead these wonderful girls. I have been on the team for 4 years now, and I can confidently say this has been the best season yet! Everyone has really stepped up and put in their all which makes it really fun. All of the girls are so sweet and are making this season one for the books!"

How did you feel about designing the new uniforms?

"Us seniors were all super excited to find out that we would be able to design this year's uniforms. CHS Sideline has had the same uniforms for over a decade, and I think it’s pretty safe to say they were worn down. We could pick and choose styles and designs that we loved, which was really fun! We love our uniforms, and they’re exactly what we wanted!"


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