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CHS takes first at Reading Bowl County Competition

Olivia Hwang

On January 28th, the Columbus High School Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl team traveled to Spencer High School, placing first in the County Competition. Volunteers from the CHS Beta Club also assisted as diligent score and time keepers.

The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl was originally a local competition created in 1986, by Mrs. Helen Ruffin, a Library Media Specialist from DeKalb County. She hoped for teams of different schools to compete in the merit of literature. Since then, her vision has grown to the all-state event it is today.

In fact, this is the first high school county competition in Muscogee, as last year, CHS was the only participating school in the district. Northside and Rainey McCullers joined this year, with brand new reading bowl teams.

On competition day, each round had ten questions, all randomly selected from the twenty nominee books of the 2022-23 Georgia Peach Award. The teams went against each other one by one, over six rounds. In the end, the team with the most total points would place first. Columbus won by over 30 points, Northside placing second after a tie-breaker round with Rainey McCullers.

Dr. Kimberly Scott, our Media Specialist, and the coach of the CHS team, exclaimed, “It’s amazing how involved the team members are outside of the reading bowl. There’s swimmers, basketball players, musicians… but they all come back together to read."

From left to right: Cade Tramel (11), Ara Kang (10), Olivia Hwang (10), Chaz Steeves (9), Wendy Gao (11), Kevin “Bee” Nguyen (11), Lechel Dye (11), Lana Crawford (11), Janiya Bordeaux (11), Dr. Scott


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