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Club Spotlight: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Grace Johnson

FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is a community-based club run by students and

faculty at Columbus High School.

The club, which is sponsored by Mr. Rosa and Ms. Lovin,

meets weekly to congregate; every Friday morning, athletes join together to hear a message given by a student member. Messages vary in subject, but often pertain to application of Christian values through team sports. Students learn the importance of teamwork and perseverance through a Christian lens, with an emphasis being placed on how to exercise them in a school environment.

For a more intimate discussion, club members meet on Wednesday mornings to discuss

their thoughts and reflections on the week prior’s message. Discussions are often spearheaded by student leaders, with other peers asserting their impressions when applicable.

The nature of FCA’s Wednesday and Friday schedule makes the club easily accessible to

its target demographic, student athletes. Though their evenings are often filled with late-night practices, athletes who attend FCA rely on it as a solid anchor for their busy weeks.

Annie Kelley, grade eleven, states that “It’s nice to have FCA at the end of the week after a hard week of practices and school.”

Moreover, FCA provides a supportive environment for student athletes; club members

celebrate each other’s accomplishments through athlete spotlights that highlight the

achievements of sports teams at CHS. The club’s social media presence makes sure to

acknowledge athlete achievements as well, with attention being given to exceptional FCA


Ashlyn Bennet, a junior, encapsulates the experience of FCA by saying that “In a week

full of assignments and tests, FCA is just what I need to destress and realign.”


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