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Creative Minds at Play: A Senior Project Spotlight with Tyler Patterson

Jaila Prier

Each year at Columbus High, hundreds of senior projects are to be completed. These projects allow CHS seniors to be able to apply the prior knowledge they have gained from their experience as a Freshman through Junior at Columbus High School and pledge to accomplish something that they have never done before during their senior year.

As the school year progresses, many from the senior class of 2023 progress through the different phases of their senior projects and present their progress to classmates. Possible topics of the senior project range from Beekeeping to Ballroom dancing.

For his senior project, Tyler Patterson, a current class of 2023 senior, has chosen to direct a one-act play production of Night Witches.

Patterson (12) says that Night Witches tells the “courageous story of brave pilot women in soviet Russia during the second world war.”

Towards the end of their Junior year at CHS, students who decide to do the senior project choose a topic and begin planning to complete their project. They will work with a mentor over the summer and throughout the school year, who will guide them through their project for a certain number of hours.

Around April of 2023, many students will present their full projects at the Senior Project Boards/Symposium Night to members of the Columbus community.

Tyler’s production of Night Witches will be shown in Columbus High’s auditorium on December 16th at 6:00 p.m.

“I encourage everyone to come out to see this touching tale for it conveys the struggles of women fighting for the war, but also fighting against the oppression of men,” Patterson states.

An optional food can is recommended and will go towards the Feeding the Valley organization here in Columbus.

For any updates on the production, progress can be followed on the show’s Instagram page, nightwitches46.


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