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December Happenings: Pictures and Captions

The CHS girls' varsity basketball team (pictured in white) prepare for the third quarter of their game against Shaw High School. The match took place on December 13th at Columbus High School.

From left to right: Cassandra Nunez (12) and Natalia Jurado (10) draw portraits in Visual Arts One. The class has spent the entirety of December on these high-detailed projects.

Members of the Finance Club sell holiday cookies to fellow students in the gym lobby. This festive sale is a part of the club's seasonal "Hot Cocoa Shop."

Gingerbread houses sit alongside the window sill of Señora Wilson's room. The tasty creations were a part of a Spanish Two project.

Students were asked to label different pieces of the house in Spanish, and each of the detailed projects feature their own unique design.

Enjoy your Holiday Break,

-The Blue Streak Staff


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