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Dreams Do Come True: Lauren Cruickshank's Harvard Acceptance

On December 15th, 2022, high school students across the country anxiously waited to receive their early decisions from universities in the Ivy League. Included in this grueling wait was senior Lauren Cruickshank, who is now committed to attending the prestigious Harvard University.

"If you know me personally, you know that I have wanted to attend Harvard University for a long time. As a child, I always wanted to be the best and do the best I could possibly do, so when I learned that Harvard was the number one-ranked university, I thought I would challenge myself," she explains.

Being accepted into Harvard is a daunting undertaking, indeed. With over 60,000 applicants for their class of 2026 and less than 2,000 admitted—an acceptance rate of about 3 percent—Harvard is considered to be the most selective American university.

The challenge of being accepted was not Cruickshank's only motivating factor, though.

"I want to leave my mark on the world," she begins. "I want to be known as a person who cared for those around me and caused the meaningful change that benefits many people. Harvard gives me so many opportunities for my dream to be realized. But more than that, I felt at home when I visited Harvard."

As a long-time member of CHS's Basketball Cheerleading Squad, Vice-President of National English Honor Society, and a member of the Georgia School Board Association Youth Council, Cruickshank has a host of activities—both in and out of school—that speak to her dedication as a student.

Cruickshank's advice for those who are considering prestigious universities such as Harvard: "just be you."

"The reality of modern-day college admissions is that many students have perfect ACT or SAT scores, grades, and extracurriculars, so how will you set yourself apart?" she explains, adding that preparation is also key to success in the college admissions process.

In reflecting on her admission to Harvard, she ends on this note:

"The last thought I will leave you with is never to forget those around you who have helped you…Be sure always to thank the people who helped you reach your goals, which for me was Harvard."


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