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Final Reflections: Dr. Crumbs

Dr. Crumbs, longstanding principal of Columbus High School, is officially resigning. After the end of the 2022-23 school year, he will become the principal of Marietta High School in Marietta, Georgia.

To conclude this school year, Dr. Crumbs agreed to share final reflections regarding his twelve-year legacy at CHS and the future of his career.

Although he spent years working as a teacher, Dr. Crumbs knew that one of his ultimate goals was to become a principal.

“I [believe that] whatever you do, you need to be the best or gain the most prominent position that you can in your field. You want to get better, [and] you don’t just want to exist. You want to grow,” he asserts.

The title of principal, though, comes with many responsibilities.

“It is my job to make sure [the CHS teachers] have the environment and resources they need for our students to be successful. Although [the job] does come with its challenges, there was never a time where I believed I couldn’t do it.”

Dr. Crumbs understands that in this leadership position, it was essential to display model character.

“I have a service mindset. I believe that if I’m not helping someone be better, then I’m not helping the overall picture of the school. I am a servant to every single teacher in this building.”

While Dr. Crumbs’ service-centered attitude will remain a part of his identity, the next stage of his career awaits him.

He explains that, regarding the transition to Marietta High School, family was the “biggest factor” in the decision.

Dr. Crumbs’ daughter is a doctor at Emory in Atlanta, and his son is a Georgia Tech graduate employed in Atlanta. Because his children are closer to Marietta than Columbus, Dr. Crumbs’ move will allow him to spend more time with family.

While being around family is valuable, moving away from Columbus is personally significant for Dr. Crumbs.

“I’ve been in my [Columbus] home for 21 years. Over 21 years, you can accumulate a lot of stuff. I [have] a lot of things to pack and part ways with. Making those kinds of decisions is tough, but it’s all part of it.”

The student body and faculty are also impacted by this transition, with students often stopping by Dr. Crumbs’ office to say farewell.

“I think [the emotions] will all hit me the week after graduation. When things slow down a bit and there’s fewer people in the building, [and] I’m kind of alone with my thoughts and emotions in regards to packing up and moving on with that next phase of my life” he explains.

Although Dr. Crumbs is leaving CHS, he will be taking many memories with him to his next journey.

“I’m going to miss all [the school events]. Because that’s the fun part of this! Sitting around here and answering emails, that’s the work part. Pep rallies, football games, the Holiday Social, prom–those are the fun things. [It’s] when you get to see the kids in their element, enjoying themselves” he smiles.

While school events hold a special place in the CHS identity, Dr. Crumbs does not neglect the academic milestones of the school.

“Achieving the number one rankings was great. Especially after years of being here, because you know that it is a hundred percent under your administration. I just think it’s the totality of it all, knowing that the various levels of success…were attained by everyone in the building. The students, the teachers, the parents, and our alumni….everyone participated, all the stakeholders had a voice.”

Dr. Crumbs understands that academic achievement is important, yet his most valued aspect of CHS goes beyond rankings.

“What makes me the proudest is the diversity we have attained through the student body [and] the additions of faculty and staff.”

According to Dr. Crumbs, diversity is essential to a school’s structure.

“A diverse group of students is what the world looks like. Your school should look like the world, a community. In cases like [CHS], we struggle together, we have successes together, and at the end of the day we look back on it and see how we got better. There is no growth without diversity in today’s world,” he assures.

Dr. Crumbs knows that despite his near departure, CHS will continue to thrive.

“Change is inevitable. Success isn’t always. But with the changes we’ve put in place and with the changes [that have] happened, [CHS] is still able to be massively successful.”

Under the new leadership of Mrs. Sonya Allen, Dr. Crumbs believes that “She’s going to do a marvelous job,” and he is “excited just to see how things are going to change and progress under her administration.”

Dr. Crumbs firmly believes that CHS will continue to improve and grow as years progress. In a warm-hearted farewell, he expresses his appreciation for the school.

“Columbus High School is the gem of our community in regards to education for young adults,” he smiles, “I’m going to miss you guys, it’s been a great time.”


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