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Freshmen Enjoy a Day at the Zoo

On Wednesday, March 15th the Freshmen class went on a field trip to Zoo Atlanta. While they were there they were to complete a scavenger hunt that took them all around the zoo.

Here is what some of the freshmen class had to say about the field trip:

“It was good, I saw a lot of interesting animals and cool things,” says Mikel Champion (9)

picture taken by Mimi Nyguen

“I thought the field trip was really fun! It was enjoyable getting to see and talk to the rest of the freshman class, especially since we don't get to do that often!” said Roohe Khan (9).

picture taken by Madeline Gonzales

“I thought that the field trip was neat and fun because I have never been to the zoo before…from the moment I saw the panda I thought, wow, this is such a magical place!” remarked Madeline Gonzales (9).

picture taken by MaCayla Henderson

Ethan Secoy (9) says “Even though we got stuck in traffic because of an accident, I liked the field trip and I got to hang out with my friends.”

picture taken by Mimi Nyguen

“It was cool, I saw a bunch of cool animals like gorillas.” said Christopher Walker (9).

picture taken by Malachi Stafford

“I had a good time! Me and my friends went around and had a bunch of fun…the funniest thing I did was looking at the golden horn bill!” remarked Charles Steeves (9).

picture taken by Mimi Nyguen

Overall the field trip was a huge success and everybody enjoyed it. Even though there were a couple obstacles like time and traffic, the freshmen deeply enjoyed their field trip and can’t wait to do it again!


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