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Happy Holiday Social!

Eliana Scott

Christmas time is getting closer and so is the annual CHS Holiday Social! This year, the social is December 15th.

This year’s theme for Holiday Social is “Holiday Elves.”

For all of those who are looking for some tips for their first time, and even those trying to refresh some good memories, here’s what you need to know for Holiday Social 2022!

What to wear: business/professional. Choose an outfit that you would wear to a professional interview (this means no holiday suits)!

Dos: Slacks or dress pants, button-up shirt, dress shoes, pantsuits, dresses, blouses, skirts

Don’ts: Jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, strapless/backless dresses, formal or cocktail dresses, tuxedos, holiday suits (it is better to overdress than underdress)

Appropriate Attire Examples from Holiday Social 2021:

Inappropriate Attire Examples:

What to do: be respectful! Keep your cellphones off and out of sight upon entering the ballroom. Be respectful of the speakers and your peers by keeping volume to a minimum. Try to make conversation with your tablemates during dinner.

What to expect: expect to have fun! The Holiday Social is a really fun opportunity to meet new people and enjoy our CHS community!

CHS administration says that “this is a time to enjoy interpersonal interaction in a social setting with your teachers and peers.”

There will be plenty of opportunity for pictures and hanging out before entering the ballroom. Our ensemble will be putting on a performance, and we will be hearing from some student speakers. Overall, Holiday Social is a fun tradition unique to CHS.


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