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Hyped for Homecoming

Eliana Scott

Columbus High School is gearing up for the first regular homecoming since autumn

of 2019 after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, homecoming was an outdoor block party with a mask mandate that many

students opted not to attend. The year before, Columbus High school did not host a

homecoming dance at all.

This year, the high school seniors are the only ones who have experienced a normal

homecoming at CHS. Now, students are even more excited to have a normal homecoming dance.

As homecoming week and the homecoming dance get closer, there are some things

students should know.

Homecoming will be held in the fountain courtyard, its traditional location. It will last

from 7pm-10pm.

The week of October 3rd-7th will be Homecoming Week with a different dress-

up theme for every day.

Monday- Character Day

Tuesday- Pirates vs. Cowboys

Wednesday- Generation Day

Thursday- Music Day

Friday- Class Colors

Aaliyah Singh (11) says, “I’m really excited for homecoming this year because COVID restrictions have become less strict . . . so we are going to have a lot of fun this year.”

Ella Grace Walls (12) remarked that events like these are, “a really important part of

the high school experience” and “help us connect more as a school.”

Many students have said that they are very excited to attend homecoming this year.


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