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Interested in Politics? AP Government Course Selection Guide

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Offered exclusively to upperclassmen, AP U.S. Government and Politics is one of eleven social studies courses students can choose from at Columbus High School.

In AP Government, students will "study the key concepts and institutions of the political system and culture of the United States," according to College Board.

Those who take the course will also be "connecting political concepts to real-life situations" and "explaining the impact and implications of certain U.S. Supreme Court decisions," College Board's official website adds.

Additionally, students who pass the AP Government exam at the end of the school year will be able to earn college credit for an introductory course in U.S. government.

University of Georgia, Mercer University, Emory University, and Columbus State University all give credit for the class.

As far as applications of this class after college, AP Government is useful for students who want to pursue careers related to "government work, law, military, public service, communications, [or] business," says AP Government teacher Coach Day.

In relation to the work required for the course, students have the "responsibility to do nongraded work on [their] own," says Day. This includes "reading and watching AP videos for additional instruction beyond what is given in class."

"If you like to work on your own, it's perfect; if you like to work in groups, it won't appeal to you," Day adds.

"The class isn't too difficult, but it is still important to study," says junior Lawrence Glover.

Course selection will begin on February 3rd and schedules will be turned in on the 11th.


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