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First Field Trip in Years

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Jalisa Son

After years of school field trips being on hold, the Columbus High freshman class attended their first field trip at the Springer Opera House, showcasing Look Forward - The Ruby Bridges Story.

The play consists of a brief retelling of the hardships a 6-year-old faced while being the first black student in an integrated school, despite being discouraged by many.

The script was written by a previous CHS graduate, Natalia Naman Temesgen. The cast of the show, includes two CHS students freshman MaCayla Henderson and CarsonRose McCabe (pictured).

The play serves as an opening for reintroducing the important Columbus High learning aspect of field trips.

Students were excited for their first field trip, not only because it's the first trip in a while but also their first high school experience.

Student and actor, MaCayla Henderson (9), states, “I think that it was important for the students to see the play because not only did it teach students about a very important time in our history, but also showed students that there are fun ways to learn, and that learning isn’t just getting out a notebook and taking notes, but actually taking the time to process what is being displayed in front of them.”

Rhea Das (9) feels, “It felt good to watch something in American History that we have overcome. It was also inspiring how the main character, Ruby, was able to overcome these challenges and that inspired me that I can do the same.”

Students were also required to present business casual attire as Columbus High School hopes to promote well-mannered young adults, who can be prepared for events later in life.


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