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Learning Beyond School: The Sophomore Lunch & Learn

Olivia Hwang

On Monday, March 20th, the CHS Sophomore Class got the opportunity to attend the Lunch & Learn at the Mills Bibs City Center. The students practiced etiquette in dress and table manners, and received a speech from Jessica Nix, a successful CHS alumni.

“I liked it because I got to bond with people and enjoyably learn etiquette” said Neha Thiruppathi (10).

Nix gave the students high school advice, emphasizing the importance of taking up

opportunities to learn what one is passionate about. However, she also advised the sophomores to work with balance.

“This is your only time in high school!” Nix exclaimed, describing her memorable senior costume among other unforgettable moments.

Ara Kang (10) felt that, “It was nice to see someone succeed when they thrive outside and inside of school. It showed that it’s possible to thrive without overworking yourself.”


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