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Learning the Language of Columbus High School: AP Foreign Language Classes

There are many languages within the world, but Columbus High School specializes in 3 foreign languages. AP Spanish, French, and Latin are all courses that students who have an outstanding understanding of one of the languages can choose as a class.

AP Spanish Language and culture is not heavy in load but heavy in rigor. It is a difficult course because of the skills needed to be successful. There is a need for a depth of knowledge with content. Students must have a worldview and understand how to compare different parts of the world to what is occurring within the course.

“Students who know that they want to continue to take college classes in Spanish or those who are planning to minor or double major in Spanish are the people who should take this course.” Elaborated Senior McDaniel.

“AP French Language and Culture is a very challenging and very rigorous course that involves a lot of French writing and speaking skills, as well as reading and French listening skills,” commented Madame Trahan.

“Students interested in signing up for AP French must have earned an A for French 3 and be able to spontaneously carry on a French conversation easily because that is one of the areas that is so important to be able to do to succeed in AP French and to pass the AP French Language & Culture Exam.”

AP Latin is equal to a Junior level in college understanding. It is very similar to AP Literature in the sense that it is mostly an analysis of poetry and prose, specifically understanding literary devices in Latin. Students must seek approval by an instructor to be able to qualify for AP Latin.

These courses are best for students who wish to either major or minor in these languages in college due to the rigor demanded of the class.


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