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Never Tell Me the Odds: CHS Rifle Team Returns Victorious from Competition against Glynn Academy

This Tuesday, the CHS Rifle Team emerged as the victors from their semi-finals competition against Glynn Academy, with Shruthi Sankar as the highest scoring shooter with a score of 288 out of 300 points.

In addition, several other CHS students, including Cade Tramel, Isabella Valentine, Irene Cheon, and Marissa Childs scored extremely high, with an average of 281 out of 300 points all four of them.

Sankar explained, "Yesterday was a very important match for us, as it was the deciding match as to whether we would be able to compete in the state competition."

Shruthi Sankar (11) stands with her rifle in hand, ready to take on the competition.

Coach Tuggle (CHS) and Coach Houchins (Glynn) stoically survey the


From Left to Right: Bella Valentine (10), Cade Tramel (10), and Shruthi Sankar (11)

get into their positions for the most accurate shot.

Sankar expressed, "Our team has worked so hard, and I am so proud of everyone for putting their best foot forward every time they walk into the range; us going to state is the result of everyone's hard work."


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