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New Arrival in Calculus City: A Spotlight on Ms. Hadlock

Jacob Sanford

Very recently, a new teacher made her way into the math wing at Columbus High. Students have welcomed Ms. Madison Hadlock to CHS.

Ms. Hadlock took the place of Mr. Kyle Phillips as the instructor for AP Calculus AB, Accelerated Pre-Calculus, and GSE Pre-Calculus. She also took in Mr. Phillip’s responsibilities as the sponsor for the chess and ping pong club at CHS.

Ms. Hadlock graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno. This is her second year in the teaching field. Before coming to CHS, she taught at Vilseck High School in Germany.

Ms. Hadlock said, “Both my parents are teachers, so I claim teaching is in my blood,” when asked why she decided to become a teacher. She added that she also loves the lifestyle of being a teacher.

When asked what she liked most about CHS so far, she said that she liked how the people here are “friendly and willing to go out of their way to help others.”

Ms. Hadlock isn’t just a teacher, though. She likes to hike, run, read, travel, and hang out with her family in her free time.


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