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Senior Night Lights: CHS Recognizes the Class of '24

Updated: Feb 21

On Friday, October 20th, Columbus High celebrated its seniors as the football team played the Crisp County Cougars. The senior football players, cheerleaders, marching band members, color guard members, as well as the Blue Brigade were recognized.

"I'm gonna miss the bonds created with the girls as well as cheering for our football team," says senior Rya Bell, the Co-Captain of the cheerleading squad along with SJ Carver.

Senior cheerleaders and marching band members during the senior recognition ceremony before the game against Crisp County.

For marching band member Emmanuel Carreno Cruz, the hard work leading up to the games is just as rewarding as performing.

"My favorite memory this year has actually been practicing the drills, like, over and over and actually seeing how the sets actually improve one by one" he reveals.

Senior football players line the field with their parents. Pictured above are Cameron Webb Rutherford, Nathan Price, Tyranny McGowan, Mawuena Kledo, Robert Hartford, Javonate Hood, and Brock Gunderson.

Members of CHS's Color Guard dawn all black attire for their halftime performance.

"My favorite memory from all four years of playing would be when--I want to say it was my freshman or sophomore year--we got the ball literally like three inches off the goal line and we scored that drive...that's my favorite memory," reveals four-year football player Tyranny McGowan.

Even seniors who are newcomers to their recognized teams have still formed close bonds with other students.

"I'm most excited for senior night and getting to celebrate all this year's accomplishments with my team," says first-year color guard member Lana Crawford.

Blue Brigade members Zion Wright, Addison White, Deuce Malone, Carson Tomlinson, Aleeya Hudson, and Makayla Gallant stand alongside their family members at Senior Night.

For senior Law Flournoy, the best part of being a Blue Brigade member is "running the the pep rallies and at the games, running the flags is fun."

Below are the senior members of the groups recognized on Friday.

Football Team:

  • Joseph Baker

  • Karson Baldwin

  • Brock Gunderson

  • Marshall Gallatin

  • Cameron Webb Rutherford

  • Nathan Price

  • Tyranny McGowan

  • Mawuena Kledo

  • Robert Hartford

  • Javontae Hood

  • Hayden Willis

Cheerleading Squad:

  • Rya Bell

  • SJ Carver

  • Addison Dunlap

  • Selina Lin

  • Juliana Maddox

  • Kayin Walker

  • Sydney Williams

  • Riley Wolfe Rach

Marching Band:

  • Emmanuel Carenno-Cruz

  • Danica Celestine

  • Greyson Chapelle

  • Toby Kumor

  • Trinity McAfee

  • Francisco Moreno Godinez

  • Kelly Patterson

Color Guard:

  • Sierra Bullard

  • Janiya Bordeaux

  • Lana Crawford

  • Alaina Walker

  • Ayanna Walker

Blue Brigade:

  • Law Flournoy

  • Makayla Gallant

  • Aleeya Hudson

  • Annie Kelley

  • Deuce Malone

  • Taylor-McKenzie Beecham

  • Carson Tomlinson

  • Grace Walker

  • Addison White

  • Zion Wright


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