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Swinging into the New Season: CHS Boys Golf

On Tuesday March 14th, the CHS Varsity Boys Golf team won sixth place at the Green Island Country Club in Columbus. Out of the 14 competing schools, CHS defeated all teams in the 3A category.

“We are a young team,” Mr. Parker, the Boys Golf Coach, explains,“We are going to continue to work hard and keep getting better.”

The Varsity Boys Golf players that participated in the match on Tuesday are: Brodie Mann (11), Tyler Patel (11), Jake Heitmueller (10), Jay Patel (10), and Ethan Pham (9).

During the match, Jay Patel achieved a hole-in-one, the best possible score for a hole. This was the first time in CHS Varsity Boys Golf history that a hole-in-one had been accomplished, which provided an exciting moment.

Previously, on Saturday March 11th, the Junior Varsity (JV) Boys Golf team tied for fourth place at the Fairfield Plantation course in Carrollton, GA. Fifteen schools competed from across the state, making it a large tournament for the JV team.

Of the 3A schools at the Fairfield Plantation competition, CHS came out on top.

Coach Parker remarks that, “[The JV boys] did the best job on Saturday at staying away from the big number. This means they didn’t make many 6s, 7s, or 8s on the holes.They were able to keep it to [around] five strokes.”

The JV Boys Golf players that participated in the match on Saturday are: Gray Layfield (12), Ananth Thomas (11), Boon Bickerstaff (10), Lucas Patel (10), and Ethan Pham (9).

For the past twenty years, the CHS Varsity Boys Golf have placed sixth place or better in the state competition. With high expectations for the team, Coach Parker continues to train the CHS athletes vigorously.

“We are at Bull Creek [for practices] two or three times a week. On Wednesdays, we go to Maple ridge. These practices last for at least three hours,” Parker states.

These practices put the team in line for a shot at the state championship title this year.

The next Varsity Boys Golf game will be the GSGA High School invitational at Oak Mountain in Carrollton, GA on March 24th-25th.


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