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The CHS Crochet & Knitting Club’s Plans for the New School Year

Olivia Hwang

Only a year old, the CHS Crochet & Knitting Club is already growing strong! Meeting every other Monday from 3:30 - 4:30 PM in Mrs. McConnell’s room (124), the club continues to be an open space for students of any skill level to unwind and bond over knitting and crochet.

With over 20 new members, Harriet Chan (Co. President) wants the Crochet & Knitting club to be a “welcoming atmosphere where people can come and go as they please and feel free to ask for help when they don’t understand.” A new member, Erika Thomas, expresses her thoughts, “I love the club so far, it helps you a lot. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing they’ll help you! I feel very comfortable, very included; I feel welcomed.”

The club is still looking to expand, especially in ways to give back to the community. Last year, they made and donated teddy bears to children in pediatric hospitals. This year, the club plans to continue the service program, and expand with more beginner-friendly projects with more input from newer members.

Students interested in knitting or crocheting for Senior Project can also utilize the club. This year, Mrs. White, the Counseling Department Secretary, is mentoring students with their knitting Senior Projects.

The club originally started to take form only as a knitting club when Mrs. McConnell mentored a few students knitting for their Senior Projects.

It wasn’t until last year that Harriet Chan, Kaylan Jarvis (both Chan and Jarvis are Co. Presidents), and Kaylee Jarvis (Vice President) proposed expanding the club with crochet.

After seeing crochet gaining more traction on social media during the pandemic, they thought, “it would be interesting to have a club where people who all share a hobby get together and share their project ideas.”

The Crochet & Knitting Club invites students of any skill level, opening an opportunity to learn and share a hobby with their peers.


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