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Up And Atom: AP Chemistry

While all students are required to take Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry can be the perfect class for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge further than the basics.

In AP Chemistry students learn the fundamental concepts of chemistry, which include structure and states of matter, intermolecular forces, and reactions. Students will complete lab investigations and will use chemical calculations to solve problems.

“I really like the labs and the hand on experience," Lizzie Owens commented, "The class is not that hard with the workload, but there is a lot of content."

AP Chemistry provides complex chemistry concepts along with complex reasoning and skills. The class also prepares students for any chemistry lab related jobs. AP Chemistry is the perfect class for students interested in any science or medical field related majors.

Coach Lasseter said, “Everything in chemistry builds up off itself, so what you learn in Honors Chemistry is just used as a stepping stone for the more complex chemistry concepts that you learn in AP Chemistry.”

While AP Chemistry is a lot more strenuous than Honors Chemistry, it is still an enjoyable class. Complex labs are completed in AP Chem which creates a connection between the lab and the material students have learned.


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