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Zestful Zoology: Science Elective Offered Next School Year

Zoology is a science course offered next school year at Columbus High school that deals with all things that bark, roar, hiss and howl. Taught by Mr. Robert Morgan, better known as Coach Morgan, this class is for all students interested in animals.

The course covers a multitude of topics, such as evolution.

“We study how evolution causes animals to form different body structures and why the animals developed these new body parts,” Morgan explained.

After evolution, comparison is the follow-up discussion. Anyone taking Zoology should be prepared for comparative anatomy among both terrestrial and aquatic animals from eleven unique classes.

With so many animals being observed, dissections are quick to follow. The class has a total of eleven animal dissections in one school year.

“If you’re squeamish about handling hearts or livers, this isn’t the course for you” Morgan chuckled.

Zoology is a course relevant to anyone who aspires to be a veterinarian, have a job involving biology, or even be a doctor.

Animals often have organs that function like human organs, so Zoology class can be a stepping stool for people interested in a medical career.

Despite not being offered to Freshman, Zoology does not require any past credentials to join.


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